Bulletproof® Human Upgrade Coaching

Transform and upgrade your personal and professional life. Improve your energy, resilience and performance. Achieve financial independence.

Fernando is a Certified BulletProof® Human Upgrade Coach

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Longevity & BioHacking Podcast Show

Fernando and Jason Hartman are the hosts to captivating interviews. Live life to its fullest and achieve a long life span along with a long health span.

iTunes : The Longevity and Biohacking Show

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Real Estate Tools

Fernando is the co-founder and CEO.

These tools empower real estate investors to make more rational decisions when purchasing, analyzing and tracking performance of their real estate portfolio.

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High Achiever

Fernando Aires is an entrepreneur in the areas of real estate and software applications for real estate investors.

He is a Financial Independence Coach helping others reach their 'Financial Independence Day' ™
He achieved his own financial independence through real estate income investing after retiring from Corporate America, designing computer chips in the tech industry for over 25 years, most recently as a Senior Manager at Apple 

Meet the Masters® 2017
Meet the Masters® 2017